Urban Nest Lounge


Fresh ingredients blended in amazing combinations

A menu prepared to cater for every taste awaits you for breakfast and brunch. Pair the tastes with freshly brewed coffee, a selection of tea or herbal infusions or a fruit smoothie.

Delicious Breakfast.
Beautifully Served

The Urban Nest Lounge is the ideal place to start your day. Serving breakfast from 08:00 to 11:00, you can enjoy a selection of traditional Greek, international and healthy options of fresh food. From freshly baked bread, pastries and cakes, to creamy yoghurt with selected Greek honey, fruits of the season and cold cuts of meat and cheese, you will enjoy this very special meal of the day and fill with energy for the rest of your day.


Coffee at the Urban Nest Lounge is a serious affair. Freshly brewed and poured from our barrista, offered hot or cold to complement your food and time of the day. We are passionate about coffee, hence we serve it in large choice including from traditional Greek to cheeky Irish.

If you prefer tea or herbal infusions we have you covered.

Maybe you prefer something healthy? An amazing selection of juices and smoothies from natural fruits or vegetables will have you spoilt for choice. Full of wellness and taste you will feel refreshed and energised from the very first sip.

Or you feel like celebrating the moment? A cold beer, a glass of wine or an aperitivo is always on offer.  



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